About me

Growing up with animals is one of the experiences that I cherish more, because they shaped me as a human and allowed me to love more. Cats turned out to be my favorite furry companions, and over time I dreamed of a breed cat that would perfectly fit our - human - needs.

Years ago, I came across an unknown breed of Devon Rex, intelligent and having all the features that complemented my home and everyday life. I quickly found the "one" who won my heart and gave him a lot of love. A Devon Rex kitten was acquired with breeding rights from an FPL registered cattery. The name he received at home is NEKO.

My goal was to become a breeder of purebred cats in the future. By gaining theoretical and practical knowledge at the side of a breeder of a different breed of cats, I became more and more ready to make such an important decision in my life, which was approaching the moment when Neko snuck into my everyday life, but I did not start it until the moment when Neko has left us. However, he left a lot of love, and it gave rise to our breeding.

We strive for professionalism in breeding Devon Rex kittens with love and care. We are lucky to have been coexisting with cats of this breed for 12 years, but we decided to fulfill our love a few years later. Our little cattery, full of love, passion and respect for life, is called Hasu'Neko, it is marked by the lotus flower (Hasu) called the flower of life. In the Buddhist religion, the lotus is considered a symbol of birth and is closely associated with immortality. In memoriam Neko ♥

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